Friday, February 17, 2012

1 shot 2 birds

Today I have a appointment with one recruiter nearly 30  min drive from the home and I got yesterday from another recruiter to meet her on monday. When googled the address they are like .5 miles away from each other. So asked her if I can meet her today she said yes. So I save my trip.
I met two recruiters today out of them one already submitted me two positions which are perfect fit my experience fingers crossed.
I doing bad today I ate 4 Indian sweets which were pure fat and sugar calories. I did not go to gym from past 2 days my 2 days couch to 5k is still pending from my side.
I had carror juice for my BF
and a 1/2 cup of rice and beans for lunch
after which I ate the sweets :(
1 protein bar for snack
right now heading out for coffee. Forgot to mention I don't drink coffee at all. But hubbies call..
Bye see u in few hours...
Have great weekend!!!!!

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