Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Introduction

Hi there,
Sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes ahead.
Welcome Everyone. Here is my new blog. I am 20 something and been in the blog world from past 2 years. I am silent reader most adorable blogs in the healthy happy living blog world.
Why I started this blog?
To create journal of all random things what I will be thinking.

Who Am I?
I am a information technology professional right now looking for a job. I am married to a most wonderful man in my life.

I love cooking and trying new recipes everyday.  I will be sharing my recipes here.

My Story:
I came to USA from my home country 5 years back with big dreams to pursue higher education and Successfully graduated with Masters in Engineering from one of the best schools in Texas.After graduating I got married and a stayed at home unemployed for 1.5 years. I am not a chubby kid upto my high school. After my high school I was prescribed with antibiotics as medication to my unbearable stomach ache because of infection. I am not sure weather I became fat because of those or because of over eating. But I was chubby through out my life from then. In 2008 when I got married I was at one of my lowest weight 140ish and now 20 pounds heavier than that. My goal is to reduce at least 30 pounds in a healthy way. I will be using this blog to keep log of my food exercise and daily random things.After 2 years of working a software engineer. My project got finished and I am right now searching for a new job in my place.

I saw several blogs where people say they lost 20 -200 pounds and post pictures of them but I cannot see how they lost all their weight because they start a blog after their weight loss .  I want to document everything and post pictures every now and then and see the improvements in me.
2008 November 1st:        140 pounds
2009 December 25:         160 Pounds
2010  August 22:             155 pounds
2011 May  15:                 150 pounds
2011 October 16:            157 pounds
2012  Jan 24:                   165 pounds
2012 Feb 13:                   160 pounds
From the past 10 years even though when I am at my lowest weight I never felt better in my own skin thinking that I am fat. This is because of the self image problem. I wan t to change this in my life and want to see my self healthy happy ...

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