Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goals for 2012

2009 November Goal:
Stop Drinking Soda
Loose weight   not achieved yet

Successful till date. Yes, I dont drink any type of Soda or diet soda or diet zero soda.

2010 Jan Goal:
 Get a job                    Achieved on March 2010
Loose weight... not yet acheived

2011 January goal:
Loose weight           Not acheived
Do yoga every day   not acheived

2012 Big Year Big Dreams:

Run a half marathon            2 Hr 30 Min.

 Get a Job 

 No Reduce Sweets or extreme             ( ex: Chocolates) any thing which has sugar in it
 No Reduce saturated fat food items     ( ex: Ice creams)
I know I am unable to type no sweets because I have sweet tooth.

 Loose weight  
 150 by April 1  2012    
140 by May 31 2012

This time I am not going to miss any of my major goals(highlighted in red). Ofcourse this is main reason behind my blog.

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