Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dont think that I am Gone Forever :)

First of all Sorry for not returning to the blog from so many days. Where I was gone...
Little busy with Interview prep ...
Earn: Gave one face to face interview yesterday but pretty sure I will not get it. I hope I get the job ASAP fingers crossed Pray for me...
Exercise:  Going to gym on and off may be 5 days from my past visit to the blog.
Eat: Eating pretty Healthy to be frank. Eating more vegetables, Fruits. I can say I ate rice for couple of times so far.

Weight: I am 157.2 as of today pretty cool right lost about 2.8 pounds so far.

New plans: Following livestrong My plate it advised me to take around 1300 calories per day to reduce 2 pounds per week. So far 2 days gone. I am eating helathy but altogether I am 300 pounds more than what I am supposed to eat from past 2 days. So I have to go to gym and burn these extra calories and few more calories to burn for my weekend trip :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

1 shot 2 birds

Today I have a appointment with one recruiter nearly 30  min drive from the home and I got yesterday from another recruiter to meet her on monday. When googled the address they are like .5 miles away from each other. So asked her if I can meet her today she said yes. So I save my trip.
I met two recruiters today out of them one already submitted me two positions which are perfect fit my experience fingers crossed.
I doing bad today I ate 4 Indian sweets which were pure fat and sugar calories. I did not go to gym from past 2 days my 2 days couch to 5k is still pending from my side.
I had carror juice for my BF
and a 1/2 cup of rice and beans for lunch
after which I ate the sweets :(
1 protein bar for snack
right now heading out for coffee. Forgot to mention I don't drink coffee at all. But hubbies call..
Bye see u in few hours...
Have great weekend!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Half Marathon Running Schedule.

As I mentioned earlier I am running a half marathon on May 20th. I want to do my best in this as my dad called me yesterday and said they are coming for this event. I am really excited as this is the first time my parents will be visiting me overseas.
Also this will be my last half before we plan for the new family member  : P
I am planning to do a HM before I enter into 2nd trimester. I know I know..... it is far from now I will talk about this plan later :)

Hope for the best and leave the rest ..... Hubby Principle1

Wish me all the best.  :)

I want a Job

Life is becoming crazy as a unemployed professional :0
Want a get away.
Attended a career fair which was 40miles away from place and came back. I ate a breakfast bar for breakfast
For lunch I ate a vegger burger,sandwich a breakfast bar.

List to do this week:
Apply for all jobs in career fair companies
Start studying and practicing a whole new software.
Should organize the house.( little story).

Little Story:
We recently bought a small Condo  about 3 months back and moved immediately.
After that I went to my home country for vaccation of 2 months and returned last month upto now the boxes are not fully opened. Need to set up GYM,office room and guest bed room.
I started using kitchen immediatly buy most of the stuff is still unorganized. I will try to post all the before and after projects of the House in near future( dont ask me for the date bcoz u will know when it takes forever :))

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goals for 2012

2009 November Goal:
Stop Drinking Soda
Loose weight   not achieved yet

Successful till date. Yes, I dont drink any type of Soda or diet soda or diet zero soda.

2010 Jan Goal:
 Get a job                    Achieved on March 2010
Loose weight... not yet acheived

2011 January goal:
Loose weight           Not acheived
Do yoga every day   not acheived

2012 Big Year Big Dreams:

Run a half marathon            2 Hr 30 Min.

 Get a Job 

 No Reduce Sweets or extreme             ( ex: Chocolates) any thing which has sugar in it
 No Reduce saturated fat food items     ( ex: Ice creams)
I know I am unable to type no sweets because I have sweet tooth.

 Loose weight  
 150 by April 1  2012    
140 by May 31 2012

This time I am not going to miss any of my major goals(highlighted in red). Ofcourse this is main reason behind my blog.

Health Problems

In my big introduction I wrote why I started this blog and my weight in different years( I will post the pictures in it soon). I am a 5'.3"" girl with medium frame and I hope my weight range should be some where between 120 -130 and 30 pounds heavier than my healthy weight. My goal for this May 2012 is to loose at least 20 pounds that is to be 140.  I eat healthy most of the time and exercise very frequently. I dont know what goes wrong I always put on weight constantly if I miss a workout. May be I need to change my love towards food and do portion control. From today I will post the pictures of what ever goes into my mouth :).
I did 4 marathons so far and neither of them for good timings because I never did my full practice for any of them most of them are on the day tests. That is I ran direct on the course.

Sep   2010  Akron half Marathon            3Hr 40 Min
May  2011 Cleveland half Marathon        2Hr 56 Min
Sep   2011  Akron half Marathon            3 Hr 15 Min
Oct   2011  Columbus half Marathon       3 Hr  26 Min

I am shameful to say that I done these but My next Half Marathon on May 20 2012 I want to creat a PR with 2.30 Min. I know this is almost reducing 30min from my earlier PR but I want to do this to prove my self. The reason behind why I dont push myself to the maximum is I have Iron Deficiency Anemia and Docters dont know the reason for my anemia. As I dont have any other problems other than Anemia. I was diagonised with this first time in the year 2008 Jan where blood transfer was done to me in the emergency care at that time hemoglobin level is 3.5 where has it should be  in between 12-15 for Woman of my age.
Later I was fine for another 1 year and again my hemoglobin level went down in this one year I was eating very healthy and there are no other problems. So the docters gave me Iron capsules which made my situation worse. I was feeling nausea all day and high constipation and stopped taking the Iron medication. But I was eating healthy and iron rich foods. Again in 2011 Jan I was diagnoised with the same problem and Docters dont know the reason why it is getting worse if medication is not taken . This time as I am alergic to Iron Medication I was given IV Iron and this  helped me for a year and still my Iron count is very low than the normal range but I am not taking any medication at this time and eating healthy.
I don't want to take this as an excuse to run. I like to see people running and imaging my self running but when it comes into real I am a completely opposite personality.

Egg and Chickpeas

I am gone for 2 days now.
My Menu list here:
BF: Carrot Juice, 1 Bread Slice
Lunch:  Blueberry and milk and Dates Smootie
Dinner: Quinoa, Zuchini, Squash, Corn cooked together
 Today menu:
BF: 3 Egg whites omelet
Lunch: Chickpea pattie Sandwich
Snack:  Blueberry Chobani
Dinner: Brussel sprouts 15
            left over tofu 1 serving size

As you all know I am trying to get a job ASAP I am attending  interviews and meeting the recruiters in my area So I was out yesterday from the afternoon and after comming back I headed to gym. It is my second day in GYM I did 15 min fat burn Eliptical and W1 D2 of Couch to 5K run.
So far  I am doing pretty good.