Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dont think that I am Gone Forever :)

First of all Sorry for not returning to the blog from so many days. Where I was gone...
Little busy with Interview prep ...
Earn: Gave one face to face interview yesterday but pretty sure I will not get it. I hope I get the job ASAP fingers crossed Pray for me...
Exercise:  Going to gym on and off may be 5 days from my past visit to the blog.
Eat: Eating pretty Healthy to be frank. Eating more vegetables, Fruits. I can say I ate rice for couple of times so far.

Weight: I am 157.2 as of today pretty cool right lost about 2.8 pounds so far.

New plans: Following livestrong My plate it advised me to take around 1300 calories per day to reduce 2 pounds per week. So far 2 days gone. I am eating helathy but altogether I am 300 pounds more than what I am supposed to eat from past 2 days. So I have to go to gym and burn these extra calories and few more calories to burn for my weekend trip :)

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