Thursday, February 16, 2012

I want a Job

Life is becoming crazy as a unemployed professional :0
Want a get away.
Attended a career fair which was 40miles away from place and came back. I ate a breakfast bar for breakfast
For lunch I ate a vegger burger,sandwich a breakfast bar.

List to do this week:
Apply for all jobs in career fair companies
Start studying and practicing a whole new software.
Should organize the house.( little story).

Little Story:
We recently bought a small Condo  about 3 months back and moved immediately.
After that I went to my home country for vaccation of 2 months and returned last month upto now the boxes are not fully opened. Need to set up GYM,office room and guest bed room.
I started using kitchen immediatly buy most of the stuff is still unorganized. I will try to post all the before and after projects of the House in near future( dont ask me for the date bcoz u will know when it takes forever :))

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